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  • Interprets blueprints and building Specifications to map layout for pipes,drainage systems,and other plumbing materials
  • Installs pipes and fixtures,such as sinks and toilets,forwater,gas steam,air,or others liquids.
  • Install pipes and fixtures,such as sinks and fixtures prior to installation.
  • Assembles fittings and valves for installation.
  • Modifies length of pipes,fixtures,and other plumbing materials as needed for a building.
  • Uses saw and pipe cutters as necessary.
  • Install heating and air-conditioning system,including water heater.
  • Collaborates with contractors, construction workers,electricians,pipe fitters,and steamfitters in installing and repairing plumbing.
  • tests plumbing systems for leaks and other problems.
  • Analyses problems and identifies appropriate tools and materials for repairs.

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