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Term & Condition

  • After booking the customer, the driver needs one hour to reach the customer.
  • If the customer calls the driver without informing the organisation then the organisation will have no responsibility in any way.
  • If the customer wants to cancel the booking. once the driver reach home, he will have to pay 200. otherwise he will have to inform the companies or the driver 2 to 3 hours in advance.
  • If the driver is challan by the driver of if an accident happens then it will be paid by the driver. otherwise, legal action can be taken by the customer against the driver, but the customer will not make any claim on the organisation. if the vehicle is hit from behind by another vehicle, then its driver is not paid.
  • Let the driver drive the vehicle according to the traffic rules. If the traffic rules are violated by the customer, then the customer will be responsible for any kind of challan or accident.
  • The customer can keep the key of the car after he stays or arrives at his destination and place of arrival. after, any type of theft or blaming will not be levied on the driver and no one will claim the organisation.
  • The customer will not blame the driver for mechanical and technical problems in the vehicle. No any claim on organisation .
  • The customer shall not use alcohol and other intoxicants with the driver or in any way assault and abuse the driver. if the customer does so then the driver can take legal action against the customer.
  • After the customer arrives at his place of arrival, the customer can arrange the seating of the driver. If the driver manages some where by himself, there will be no haste by the customer. This rule is applicable only to Delhi and NCR or local duty.
  • The customer will not get the driver to personally do any work at home. The driver can do it if he wishes to. Daily based driver vehicle not cleaned.
  • .If the customer hires a driver permanently by the organisation, then the customer will pay the monthly income on the specified date in the organisation account stated by the organisation.
  • The customer will not advance the driver in any way. will inform in organisation first if necessary. If there is any kind of mutual transaction between the customer and the driver, then the organisation will not be responsible in any way. Apart from organisation bills and driver payments.
  • If any criminal incident is done by the driver with the customer, then the customers should legally complaint about the driver and the customer can also inform the organisation. The organisation helped the ID papers fully.
  • Please note get fast services operates as a service provider organisation. the court of law is not liable in any way to the judicial process and the documents are also given by the worker. the organisation is not responsible for the right and wrong of the documents. This process is part of judicial investigation.